LapSleeve® Sleeve Gastrectomy

The minimally invasive LapSleeve Gastrectomy is a modification on the laparoscopic vertical gastrectomy procedure. We’ve completed more than 1000 outpatient LapSleeve procedures with safety results very similar to outpatient gastric banding. Puget Sound Bariatric Center offers the LapSleeve as a primary weight loss operation for patients 50 or more pounds overweight. If you fall into this category and would like to lose those extra pounds, you can be confident that we have the most experience with the sleeve gastrectomy in the Pacific Northwest, and were the first center worldwide to perform same-day LapSleeve surgery.

Advantages of LapSleeve over other bariatric procedures include the following:

  • Performed in under an hour
  • Patient is home the same day
  • No rerouting of intestines
  • No device implanted with need for maintenance
  • Less nutritional concerns than with gastric bypass

Patient satisfaction with LapSleeve is very high. The procedure offers minimal pain, nausea and scarring, and patients are generally able to return to work and their normal routine within one or two weeks. Our detailed patient selection and education, meticulous technique with short operative times, and careful postoperative management leads to great patient success.

The LapSleeve procedure involves removing a portion of the stomach called the fundus. Compared to gastric banding, this surgery provides much greater restriction since the restriction extends the entire length of the stomach. LapSleeve also works to significantly reduce hunger by decreasing the hunger hormone ghrelin. Appetites are quickly satisfied with a small amount of food, but unlike gastric banding, the LapSleeve doesn’t require the implantation of an artificial device. Patients who have this procedure done can also tolerate denser types of foods than patients who receive gastric banding.

Weight loss results with LapSleeve are very similar to gastric bypass, but LapSleeve is a much simpler operation, since there is no “rerouting” of the intestines. In fact, patients with lower body mass index (BMI) are losing close to 100% of their excess weight the first year. Historically, patients with a BMI greater than 60 received the sleeve gastrectomy as the first part of a two-stage operation; however, surgeons found that doing the sleeve gastrectomy alone resulted in significant weight loss and many did not need the second stage (intestinal bypass) of the operation.

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Bariatric Surgery (also called weight loss surgery) helps improve and, in many cases resolve, hypertension, high cholesterol, fatty liver disease, and obstructive sleep apnea. It is also the most effective treatment for type 2 diabetes.